MacWorks Weekly Episode 4 – Steve Jobs, Time Capsules, Woz, Lawsuits and More!

Josh and Chris from MacWorks talk about the latest news in the realm of Apple and Technology. This week they discuss the Anniversary of Steve Job's passing through a yet undiscovered time capsule from a conference in Aspen.  Steve Wozniak thinks that Apple should move iTunes into a ubiquitous mobile experience (like they did with the PC).  We also talk about the sheer number of lawsuits in the tech world... how companies need to stop [...]

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2011 Time Capsule: less heat, cheaper drives

Apple released a new generation of Time Capsule last week.  Contrary to speculation, there weren’t any major differences between the 2011 Time Capsule and the generations of old.  Several rumor sites said that it would run iOS and cache Apple software updates for all of your devices... neither of those rumors ended up being true.  In fact, Apple didn't modify any components but the hard drives. Overheating plagued the Time Capsule since its first generation: [...]

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